Electric transformers operate best when the insulating oil is without moisture, separated gases, and rejected particles. Also, new oils need some method to limit these contents to proper levels. Soiled oil falls its properties of dielectric toughness, resistivity, and damage part. Unnecessary moisture begins to acid and mud formation. We design transformer oil filtration and purification plants that use for dehydration, filtration, and degassing of insulating oil. This easy-to-operate and small equipment have a degassing column with single, two-stage versions.

Parameter Before Conditioning After Conditioning
Removal of moisture 50 to 60 PPM < 10 PPM
Removal of dissolved gases 10 % to 12 % by vol. < 0.1 % by vol.
Break down voltage 25 KV > 65 KV
Micron rating Many micron < 1 micron


  • Capacity ranges from 100 LPH to 4000 LPH.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Standard efficiency.
  • Heat exchange through very low.
  • Digital flow meter.
  • Audiovisual fault announcement system.